The Puzzle Of Life

“No Matter What I Did, The Pieces Would Not Fit Together”

It seems as if life is like a


Trying to fit pieces together

Where they do not fit, when

One was wrong I put it down

And looked for another

There was psychology with

Their recovery books, telling me

To relax and have fun, then

Pills for depression and anxiety

Of no avail, and finally religion

Just get out of my self and help

Others, this would be the

Solution, so busy I would not

Have time to think, surely

This would be the answer to the

Missing Link

I tried many things, thinking my

Life would just fall together

Maybe like the pages I have

Written would fall into a book

Sometimes I felt like this puzzle

Of life would never be solved

Maybe I should have started

Out with playdough instead,

So pliable and easy to control

But slowly after time the pieces

Came together, I am still looking

For a few missing ones, to finish this

Picture of me, though maybe not here

But the Great Artist will finish it in heaven.

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