Paper Dolls . . .

They toil not neither do they spin!

Every morning I visited the
where the pleasant summer
flowers grew
the daisies with their
sunshine faces
and lily white petals
until there was a meadow
full of paper
dolls dancing in the middle

Then I visited one day and
all the summer flowers had
faded and were gone
petals fallen one by one
crumbled and soiled and
fallen to the ground

And I began to mourn
when a voice said “Do
not weep
for each have saved a pocket
full of seed
and leaves have made a bed
for them to sleep
in place of the daisies the
asters and mums have raised
their heads
Red rosy apples and
sweet vines of grapes will reap
a harvest where a meadow full of
paper dolls once again will come out to

“Consider the lilies how they grow, they
neither spin nor toil yet
[Kings] in all their glory were not arrayed like
one of these”
Book of Luke 12:27

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