The woman who laughed . . .

Years swiftly pass and her hope is not fulfilled

Now looking into the mirror Sarai’s face is marred with wrinkles, her bones waxing old and with her back bent, hobbling with a stick.

One night in the coolness of the evening, Abram fell asleep and was given a dream. God promised him a son and a great nation! In sharing this promise with his wife she laughed behind his back. For she was ninety and her husband was one hundred years old! But God did hear their prayer and Sarai gave birth to a son.

A cry in the night, a midwife quickly rushes to her side. With gnarled hands and a once sorrowful heart, her fingers are now entwined with a baby’s soft skin. Isaac was born, and now Abram’s name was changed to Abraham and Sarai’s name was changed to Sarah!

And Isaac’s descendants would fill the earth like the stars of the heavens!

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