The sun refused to shine that day…

With a frown it slowly faded away!

GOOD FRIDAY – On this 7th day of April 2023

Darkness filled the sky
lightning struck, thunder rolled
A voice called

“Father forgive them for they
know not what they do”
A Man hung upon a tree
The night before he prayed
“Let this bitter cup pass from me”

Yet not my will but thine be done
And this JESUS called out to his father

“Why hast though forsaken me?”
Mockers spit upon His body
A robe of purple a crown of thorns
dressed this holy One
The heathen raged, the Pharisees
gloated, they had their way
The sky split in two, the rocks
broke asunder
His body thrust with a spear
water and blood from a broken
heart appeared
Oh Caiaphas why did you plot
to kill this Man?
Were you not warned
Have nothing to do with Him
of His guilt you washed your hands
But they cried out:
“Crucify Him!”

The day He died He bowed His
head and cried
“It is finished”
The temple veil torn in two
Joseph laid Him in a tomb
especially hewn for Him . . .

Quotations from the Book of Matthew chapter 27

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