Dancing With God

He is waiting, the night is

Restless, she is lingering

Not sure where she is going

In her dreams there is darkness

With a stairway beckoning

He is calling, she is listening

Holding His hand

Resting her head upon His 

Shoulder, her bruised cheek

Upon His breast

Among clouds floating in space

Dancing among the stars

Slowly disappearing into

Heaven’s gates

The Room

“A room once cold and lonely is now a room of peace and rest”

Words of hope spoken from a child of once despair
  • Each time I walk into this room,
    it seems so bare and empty,
    but for a few pieces of furniture
    old and worn.
    The windows are closed, the curtains
    old and torn.
    It seems not a breath of air stirs,
    it is tired and lonely,
    from cares it has refused to share. 
    It is in mourning, quiet and still,
  • Even the clock has stopped 
  • ticking.
    It portrays a lack of honesty and
    wears a costume of despair.
    Whenever I venture in, it is difficult
  • to leave, locked inside with its
    loneliness, bound to its chair of
    self defeat.
    Whoever walks by, is sure it is doomed
    and shakes their head.
    One day I looked in a room beside it
    and saw something that might cheer it.
    Knocking on the door I asked, “Could you
    spare a bed with a blanket of comfort
    and a chest of hope, and some curtains
    to brighten the windows, I could wash
    the walls with a little soap and water?”
    It was happy to share these things!
    Now the hands of the clock are ticking,
    the  sound comforting.
    Spools of yarn and threads of cotton
    have rewoven this room. 
    And now I have a place of peace,
    where I can rest, and when people
    walk by, they sit for awhile and spin
    their tales,
    in a room that has plenty of room
    to share their stories!

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Pottery Of Clay

“I am a vessel formed at the Potter’s wheel”

Words of a child of God tempered with life’s

I am made of clay, of colored
A vessel formed at the Potter’s
Making me, baking me,
Perfect and good
Fallen from the hand of the
Potter I become marred,
Taking His paddle with a
Scoop of clay, tempering
Me on His spinning
Wheel, the process hurts
The rotating force, the
Circular motion making
Me dizzy,
The knife of the Potter
Scrapes away the unneeded
Clay, baking me again in
The oven until I am done,
A new vessel in the hand
Of the Potter!


The Scarlet Cord

Her house is small sitting high on
the city wall
It has been a long night as
soldiers sit about campfires
quietly talking
glancing at the house snickering
and laughing
Rahab the harlot lives here!
Dawn begins to break as the
last red glow of fire embers
die to the earth
She has had a hard time sleeping
and rising early she veils her
face, for no one should see this
woman of disgrace as she runs
along the wall and down the
stairs into the cities streets
Peering out the window where
a red rose hung the night before
she is anxious for she has a special
errand to do, to replace this rose
with a scarlet cord
Dropping her few meager coins
along the way, leaning down,
quickly clutching them
she runs over cobblestone streets
into the very heart of this city
still asleep
The blue glow of the horizon
gently fades in the distance as
light softly appears
She is headed for the market
place just before dawn….

Excerpt from the book “Scarlet Cord”


Rahab the Harlot Lives Here”

Words from the book “The Scarlet Cord”

Christmas In A Mining Town

“The tree is decorated with sagebrush garland
and colorful candies”

Words of a mining town girl

Winter comes and it is
Christmas time in the
mining town
A time for celebration
a holiday parade is a lot
of fun
Those playing carols
march down the street
along with children
singing and playing to
the music’s beat
Because there are no
trees in the town
the miners go up into

nearby mountains and
cut a pinion pine
The tree is decorated
with sagebrush garland
crepe paper bells
and colorful bows
Gathering around the
blazing fire
Jolly ol’ Saint Nick hands
out gifts
No one thinks about the
hardships here when they
have such a happy time
as this
Some towns are lucky
they live close enough
to cut a tree
In one of the towns they
live the tree is called
the ‘never green tree’
where they make one
with boards nailed
together, or some find
the largest tumbleweed
and decorate with pretty
ribbons and candies
Snow begins to fall and
they run inside where
hot chocolate and gifts
are given to all…

Excerpts from the book
‘Mining Town Girl’

Tale Of A Mining Town Girl

“Our Bumps And Ridges Became Bridges Of Life”

Words of a mining town girl

…The earth crumbled beneath our
We felt the gusts of wind and ate
the dust
It took a lot of trust to live in a
land like this
Our mama loved us the best
she could
Everywhere she went we went
Taking us for a ride over hills
bumps and ridges
That would become bridges
over time
This is where we should have
been in spite of misery and
We were being prepared for
the lessons of life
It was a long way from LA for
this girl and boy
The circuits of our travels are
telling a story
One that unravels in time
One hopefully that will help
others on their travels as

My brother became a minister
for God
We were mercifully delivered
and desire to help others who
can relate to our story