A pillar of salt

Number 20, completing an ongoing series
of the Story of Creation,
through the Flood and ending with the
call of Abraham ‘The Friend of God’

Nations were scattered across the earth
that day, continuing in their evil ways

A man called Abraham and his nephew Lot
heard God’s call, and with many herds and
flocks traveled to the desert where pasture
and grazing was not enough
One went to the right and one to the left and

Lot chose the plain with an evil city, pitching
his tents near Sodom and Gomorrah
with its flowing fountains and hanging gardens
Though Lot was selfish choosing the best, God
remembered him, sending angels of warning
to leave this city before fire and brimstone
rained upon all the living
“Surely there’s one righteous man” Lot pled
with his Lord that this city may be spared

But not one was found and the angels grieved
warning Lot and his wife to leave and not look
back, but she loved her home and all she had
and with one more glance looking back, she
became a pillar of salt…

Through Abraham’s faithfulness, and refusal to
partake of this city’s iniquities, of all the land he
could see, God bequeathed to him and to all his

Seeking a Heavenly City

Hebrews 11:10

The tower builders

Number 19 in an ongoing series

Noah and his family had been guided safely through the
storm and had been given a rainbow of promise, but men
began to fear a flood would cover the earth once more, and
determined to build a tower of safety to reach the heavens.
But God was not pleased and looked down upon them,
confusing their language, and they were scattered across
the lands.

I wonder sometimes, if we may endeavor to build our own
tower of safety, until in confusion we turn to Him!

There is a story of a tower of safety that we may all flee to

The Gatekeeper’s Child

The Gardner fences a plot gathering stones
Then planting the choicest of vines
The finest grapes of rose and purple clustered
Among splashes of green woody leaves and
Branches, weaves through shadows and sun
The song of the Beloved touches His vineyard
His pleasant plants reap a harvest in the autumn
Yielding fruits of sweetness, a wine press is built
To press the fruit and a strong tower is placed
In the midst, that his watchmen may watch for
Thieves and robbers and the people may run
And are safe, hiring a gatekeeper to protect his
Vines, the absent Gardner leaves the country
Traveling to a far off land, the gatekeeper’s
Child, fair skinned, with bright blue eyes
And blonde tousled hair, digs in flower beds with
Songs of laughter, one night the gatekeeper
Became imbibed, partaking of the wine, becoming
Mean, his rage bent on destruction, the child is
Frightened, while the gatekeeper forgetting to
Watch for the enemy, a robber crept in and as he
Slept stealing his child who ran and hid, a
Darkness, covered the garden and the fruit
Withered and died, the sweet smell of the
Tender grapes now tainted became sour
Wine, the Landholder returns questioning,
“Where is my gatekeeper and his child?”
But there is no reply, while sending his watchman
To search far and near, the gatekeeper comes to
His senses, the son returns running into the Tower
Of safety, the vines once again are tended with
Love and care, and the richness of the garden
Brings about much more fruit than before!

Story from my book ‘The Gatekeeper’s Child’
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Happy Shabbat

On this Saturday 4th of September 2021

When it seems that all forces are against us, whether family, friends,
or anything else of honorable mention, it is so easy to give into despair.

The Jewish Talmud tells us “That even if a person is being accused by
999 people/angels and there is only one person in his defense then he
is saved.”

‘We all have One that is in our defense’

… And so Seth became a father to Enoch…

Number 17 in an ongoing series

And in those days man had become evil, but

God’s invitation was true, “Gather your friends

and also some food. For forty days and nights

Your placid waters will turn to sheets of rain.”

All needed is to believe, before the door is shut

And the plea ignored. Why would we wait

Till it is too late? For one hundred twenty years,

Noah pled with tears, but they listened not. Even

The creatures obeyed the call, as Noah hammered

All day and all night. And the people laughed and

Called him a fool. Only a few slipped through the

Door, who were saved and remained. Once more

The invitation given, “This ship will be tumultuous

Through out the storm, but the hull will safely be

Led on.” For we are told in antiquity of old, “As the

Days before the flood, they were eating and drinking,

Marrying and giving in marriage, until Noah entered

The ark, and knew not, till the flood took them all

Away, so shall it be at the end of time.”

“When the Son of man comes.”

The Book of Genesis chapter 7

Good morning to all

On this midweek Wednesday of September 1st.
To all of this earth’s countries, nations and people.

The invitation is given to take a few moments of reflection, the need
to pause, lifting up all those with continuous battles of fires and
floods, and to every part of the world, the sufferings you bear, may
your hearts find comfort in the midst of all this!

And the God of all comfort, who comforts
us in all our troubles…
2 Corinthians 1:3

In sorrow she grieved the loss of two sons

Number 16 in an ongoing series

one to murder and one exiled to a foreign land.
But when Adam knew his wife once more,
she conceived and bore another son.
And kneeling in prayer, with tears she wept.
Her God had replaced Able with Seth.
Every day at the break of dawn, in her arms
she held her son,
repeating the story of forgiveness of sin, and the
promise of a Redeemer who would restore
Paradise again.
And Seth became a father to Enoch, who repeated God’s
love to his children and his children’s children
until he walked right into heaven…