“Our Silence Can Be Broken”

There is a saying ‘We are as sick as our secrets’
I have kept secrets most of my life, it is
something I learned long ago, a coping skill
to survive. In silence I created a hiding place
deep within.

It had affected my behavior,
causing neglect of my children, my well
being and unhealthy relationships.
When it was brought to my attention, it
was difficult to learn how to let these
things go.
How could I create healthy behaviors,
to break the silence and find help in
dealing with these long term issues?
To let go of unforgiveness toward
those that had harmed me?

Then in some words I had read, it shared,
there is a Power greater than I that can help
us to do this, to replace learned behaviors.

‘The Four Behaviors Of Jesus’
Forgiveness (recognizing our bitterness
toward others, and ourselves, who have
offended us, and forgive them even
as He has forgiven us)

Stewardship (exercising love for others as God
Loves us, extending concern and care as we are
cared for)
Intellect ( to evaluate the need to walk away
from situations that are harmful)
And the last –
Speaking out, and reaching out, (to set boundaries
of protection
when someone continues to cause conflict and

Not an easy thing to do, but when discouragement
sets in, if we can remember the words –
“He that dwells in the secret place of the
Most High, shall abide under the shadow
of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord He is
my refuge and my fortress, my God, in
Him I will trust.” Psalm 91:1-2
No longer will it be needful to dwell in the hiding
places we have created, with our secrets held in.
Our silence can be broken, as we trust in Him!

‘A Horse With No Name’

“This Man Had One Thing In Mind, To Rescue All

After living in the desert a good part of my childhood,
Years later, I was listening to a song on the radio,
‘A Horse With No Name’ by ‘America.’
The lyrics and tune –
“In the  first part of the journey”
And _
“I’ve been through the desert on
A horse with no name” 
Brought to my mind a beautiful story of God’s love.
The rendition of this song addresses in quite an
way the theme of God searching for
His children midst wasteland and desolation
Written by a man named Ezekiel.*

I have written an allegory of this…

A voice is heard in a desolate land,

Oh Ezekiel, what do you have to say

Of this man, one that is searching

For a child among rocks, stones and

Burning sand?

“In A Pool Of Blood In A Pocket Of Sand He Hears
A Cry”

There is a desert under a blazing sky,

Where serpents lie. Cacti hide a tiny

Wren, it’s wings singed from the noon

Day sun, unable to fly as high again.

All is still, but for the horse and its rider,

Moving faster, as its hooves pound the

Clay baked ground.

On the first day of his journey, no child

Was found and in disappointment turned

His horse around. With an empty heart

And far from blest, even though he did

His best.

“He Returned To The Desert One More Time”

He could not remove the picture from

His mind and returned to the desert one

More time. Searching far and near, a cry

In the distance spurs him on.

Pulling the brim of his hat to shade his

Eyes, looking on the desert floor, in a

Pool of blood in a pocket of sand, he

Hears a child’s cry again.

Lifting this child to his saddle side, with

His hands its tears he dries.

Cleansing with water and oil, removing

Clothes dirty and soiled. With newness

Of life the child lifts its head, and is given a

No longer living in shame.

The desert is turned to a river bed. 

“The Desert Is Turned To A River Bed”

The wren flies high again, and with joyful song it sings.


Living waters flow upon the earth. He

Bids the child live in a land with no more


Playing among the reeds on the river’s

Edge, no danger will come from the adder’s

Den, for there is no more sin.

All things are new because of this Man’s

Redemption Plan!
Our experience may sometimes seem like
A desert lot, dry and desolate, but
There are words of comfort given –

“In a desert land he found him, in a barren
And howling waste. He shielded him 
And cared for him…
Like an eagle that stirs up its nest, and
Hovers over its young, that spreads its
wings carrying them aloft.” He carries us
On His wings of love through all our
Trials, always searching for us!

*The Book Of Ezekiel Chapter 16
In God’s Word

Three Kings

“Three Wise Men Came From The East”

The twelve days of Christmas began on December 25, 2020
And ends on January 5, 2021.
It is a festive Christian season, also known as the ‘Feast
Of Epiphany’
Celebrating the Nativity of Jesus, which extended from His
Birth, to the coming of the Magi, traveling to worship Him.
.“Now when Jesus was born, three wise men
From the East came to worship the new born Child.
Belonging to a large and influential class,
They were known as Kings, wealthy and wise.

Bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Studying the starry skies, a star appeared as
They traveled afar beholding the glory of the Creator.
These men had heard of the
Coming of the Redeemer, and turning to Hebrew
Scripture they treasured the prophetic writings, that
Predicted the coming of the birth of a Messiah.
At every pause on their journey they comforted
Each other with these holy Words.
As we are approaching the end of time,
Are we as diligent as these men of old
Searching the signs of the prophecies,
Pointing to the Lord’s second coming?
God has never left his people without
Knowledge of the greatest event in
History to take place.

Gathering his disciples about him, they
Asked Him when would be the
Signs of the nearness of His second

With twelve young men they
Climbed Mt Olivet
Following their Teacher’s
His disciples questioning
“Why are there so many disturbing
Things happening?
What will be the signs of your coming?”
Their teacher of God will surely have
The answers to all of these
Things approaching

From the Mount of Jerusalem they look
Upon the Temple, beautiful and proud
But their teacher warned, not one
Stone shall remain, but all will be
Thrown down
For as the days of Noah so shall it be
Eating and drinking, marrying and
Given in marriage, then the flood
Took them all away

There shall be earthquakes, wars
Pestilence and plagues
But be not afraid
Though you may be betrayed
Fathers and mothers may reject you
Children may turn against you
I will never leave you or forsake you

“And immediately after those days
The sun will be darkened!
The moon will not give its light!
The stars will fall from the sky
And the heavens will be shaken!***
Many shall say
“Look for me in the desert
Or in the chamber
Do not go there
For as the lightning comes from the
East and flashes toward the
So shall you see me when I come back

No one knows the hour I will come
But my Father in heaven
Though days may be dark and dreary
Look up and know I am with you’
I am your hiding place
Preserving you from trouble
All who look to Me I will save!”

**Adapted from the book
‘Desire Of Ages’ by Ellen White page 60
***Joel chapter 2:28-31
Inspirations from the ‘Book of Matthew’
Chapter 24 in God’s Word

A New Year’s Letter

“I Will Walk My Dog And Have A Cup Of Tea”

Even midst the tragic things that have happened

This year, we were able to pull out our decorations.

And lose ourselves in our celebrations. Just for

Awhile the focus has been joyful and happy.

Sometimes it seems after all the excitement has

Ended, there is a time of letting down,

It is called the aftermath of Christmas blues, and

With the new year just around the corner, it is a time

For reflection…

The first and the third day of the first month

Are the anniversaries

Of the birth of two significant losses in my life…

Not a good time to have lost loved ones, but then is

There ever a ‘good’ time?

Here is a reflection…

A year ago we all had hope

As the year 2019 came to a close

Now in the ending of 2020 our

Prayers ascend for a better one

To come

The gloss and glitter are packed in

Their box

The candles are spent, their flame


Gifts are exchanged, the fun is

Over and now New Years Eve is

Come upon us

Where the Christmas tree shone

It is empty of lights

Quiet after all the company has

Come and gone…

And now I am not sure what to do

As the hours approach bringing

In the new

Maybe watch a movie?

Or just go to bed early, waiting for the

Night to pass?

Or I could write a letter

So God, I guess I’ll write a

Letter to you…

You know there is a lot on my mind

A time for reminiscing

Memories of things I would rather

Have forgotten

My reasonings are not safe

My questionings are not good

I’m tempted to fall into repinings

And grief…

I had three but one is missing

My heart is thankful for the

Two remaining

But Lord didn’t you have

Ninety and nine, but for that one

that was lost

You searched and could not find

You never gave up till you brought

Him home?

Excuse my questionings

But like Job of old who had many

More losses, than ever foretold

questioned Your

Goodness but never with cursing

And then there is mine

You know how I stepped out in


For him I gave all but he couldn’t


He fled away

And now he is gone

Lord this lays heavy upon my


As I look about my neighborhood

Just two doors down

And watch little Isabel, just seven

Years old, her sister and two

Brothers, playing in the street

Oblivious to the fact, that they

Are not in the best of a healthy


She reminds me of me when I was

Her age, unkempt hair, barefoot

And not the best clothes to wear

Their father is in jail

Where is their mother, no one

Knows nor do they really care?

CPS is now at the door, where

Now will they go is anyone’s


And then their is Johnny,

Down the street and to the right

His hair is trimmed, his clothes

Sewn by a caring mother

Every week they go to church…

I wonder God, at all of


“Are all children created equal

One a story, one a sequel, the

Womb from which they come?

A mother looks down upon her

Child with fondness and


One in harshness and rejection

One child’s fate lingers on earth

Another quickly taken at birth

Some struggle some are blest

Others receive no rest

With a conscience pricked

From a hand too strict”***

It is a mystery, all of this

Well, forgive me God for

Not understanding

I’ll just leave it in your

Hands knowing you know


I’m running out of time

Here it is already the day

After the first day of the year

I know there are errors in

This letter but that’s alright

You don’t expect perfection

When emotions run high

Sometimes it is cathartic

To write

‘But never with cursing’

The sun is shining today

I will walk my dog

Come home and have

A cup of tea

And leave it all up to You

Rather than me!

***This is a quote from my poem ‘Children Of The Womb’

In the book ‘Unshaken’

Christmas Child

“The Child Is Born That Ours May Live”

In 1791, a famous musical composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,

Was given a commission by a Count in Vienna, to write a mass

To commemorate his wife’s death.

While he was writing, a mysterious messenger visited him

Who did not reveal himself, and Mozart came to believe he

Was writing this requiem for his own funeral.

The next year he became very ill, and at the age of 35 he

Died, leaving the piece to be finished by another composer.

One Christmas season, shortly after I started writing, I was

Introduced to the ‘Requiem’ mass Mozart had begun.

Continuously listening to the music, immersing myself in the

Beauty of this piece, there was an experience hard to explain.

Candles, bathing the darkness in silhouettes of beautiful

Reflections, angels passing gently through the air, then

folding their wings in adoration, as choirs of angels

Singing in lamentations,

To words and music playing in another tongue. Multitudes of

Melodies floating to the highest pinnacles of a massive cathedral,

In a Latin dirge of responding supplications. Then in a pause of

Quietness, only ‘Amen” is sung.

My motive for writing was primarily searching for the inner child

That I had lost through the chaos and confusion of

Childhood. Hoping to find reconciliation, seeking a spiritual


There is a verse that says “Seeking the new, we must first let go of

The old” and I wasn’t sure how to do this. I was terrified of the

Child that kept haunting me, seeking deliverance. I realized that

I was trying to do something that was beyond my ability, that

Only a Power greater than I could fulfill this great desire!

Who could accomplish this?

At this Advent season, celebrating

The birth of Jesus,

Humbling Himself, becoming a

Little Child

To suffer and die

Providing deliverance for our restless


Dispelling the darkness in which
They reside

He did this that our child may

Be reborn and set free!

A Star Is Born

“The Morning Star Has Arisen, With Healing In His Wings”

It is Tuesday morning

just four days away

from Christmas Day

The greatest event on

earth will soon take place

For centuries the world

waiting for His promise

“A Savior shall be born”

“He Calls The Stars By Name”

In heaven, a flurry of

angels preparing for

their flight to earth

Their Beloved Lord

has stepped down from

His throne

The Great Creator

One with His Father

The Holy Spirit

planting a child in a Virgin


“Only In Darkness Can You See The Stars” Martin Luther

Mary heavy with labor

Joseph in search of a place to


Only in a humble stable they

have found

“And She Shall Bring Forth A Son”

A star in the sky

the sound of choirs

praising the birth of a baby boy

The Star of Bethlehem

the Wisemen follow

bearing gifts from the


Shepherd’s with their staffs

hurry on, blest with the

message to come and see

entering a stable with oxen

and ass


Angels beckoning those on


“When They Saw The Star They Rejoiced”

“Come and rejoice

the Savior has come”

They are perplexed

for no one is willing

to join in praise

Angels hurry on

surely someone will join

them in song

“No Room In The Inn, In A Manger He Is Born”

It is Tuesday night

three nights before Christmas

after a busy day

The rush of guests have come

and gone, gifts are ready

with ribbons and bows

The kitchen aroma with

gingerbread and spice


“The True Light Which Lights The World”

Hastening at the midnight hour

the angels knock on the door

“We are searching for one who

will give us bread

An answer is heard

“Do not trouble me

The door is now shut and my

children are with me in bed”

“It is too late, the bread

in the oven not yet baked

come back at the breaking

of dawn”

“The day has been long with

joy and laughter and too much

to drink”

Then turning his face, into slumber

“Do Not Trouble Me, The Door Is Now Shut”

once more, he falls asleep

While the angels weep!

Once again with a persistent knock

“He Is The Bread Of Life”

“Please give us bread that

we may eat”

And because of their persistence he

arises, gathering a few crumbs

stumbling to the door

promising a loaf with the

rising of the sun**

Why are we content

with our worldly gifts

when a special Gift is

wrapped in swaddling

clothes for us?

The kitchen with the scent

of sugar and spice?

“The Gifts Are All Wrapped”

When wise men

bring gifts of frankincense

and myrrh?

Why are we content with crumbs

fallen from the table?

Surely those who persist will eat

of the Bread of Heaven!

“Wrapped In A Swaddling Clothe”

**A parable given by the Lord
while here on earth, inspiring
us to ever be in prayer,
persistent with all of our needs,
for we know not the hour or the
day He will return! Luke 11:5-8

^The biblical parable states
A ‘friend’ requests three
loaves of bread, rather than the
word ‘angels’ which has been

A Tree In The Midst Of Three

“And this is how the Christmas Tree came about”

The Christmas tree had its beginning in Germany,
In the 16th century, when Christians brought
Decorated trees into their homes. There is a
Story told of Martin Luther, the Protestant
Reformer, who was walking home one wintry
Night, and as he gazed on the snowy hills in
The distance, the beauty
Of the trees silhouetted against the starry
Skies, he was stricken with the majesty of God’s
Creation. Returning home, gathering his children
About a tree, they decorated it with candles,
And this is how the Christmas tree came about.

Around the year 1226, St Francis of Assisi created
The first Nativity scene with live animals, the
Manger and the straw holding The Christ Child.

In the Middle Ages, many people could neither read
Nor write, and in order to share these heavenly
Truths, actors traveled from town to town,
Reenacting these scenes in Passion Plays.
Many of these traditions are observed at the Advent season,
Foretelling the reason we celebrate Christmas.

“The First Tree In Eden’s Garden”

There is a story of three Trees

They could eat of the Tree in the


In Eden’s fair garden

But of the Tree of Good and evil

It was forbidden

They did not listen and partook

Of the fruit

This is the first Tree in the midst of Three

“A Savior Will Be Born”

With one last look they fled in terror

Why do they fear their Heavenly Father?

In His evening walk

They heard the words “Do not be afraid

A Savior shall be born in a manger of hay”

This is the second Tree in the midst of


“The Second Tree Bearing A Cross”

His path will be lonely, His friends

Will forsake Him, His enemies will hate

Him, but for your sakes He will give

His life that you may be saved

“On a Tree He will hang before

Mockers and throngs

In a grave He will lay and rest three


Rising again

Ascending to heaven, giving us the

Hope of His Second Coming

“There will be earthquakes and

Famines, pestilence and plagues” ***

The world will be in tumult and


For deliverance, crying

“But do not be afraid”

“Do not be sad” He said

I will return to take you home”

This is the third Tree in the Midst of Three

“The Tree Of Life In Heaven”

Eden’s Tree will be restored

For all who believe, of its fruit

They shall eat

The leaves of its Tree bringing

Healing to the nations

And forever in heaven and earth, there

Will be peace!

***Prophecies taken from the
‘Book of Matthew’
Chapter 24 in God’s Word

Christmas In A Mining Town

“Winter comes and it is Christmas time in the dry desert of

several mining towns we lived in Nevada. A holiday parade is

a lot of fun. Singing carols as we marched to the drums beat.

Because there are no trees in the town, the miners go to a

nearby mountain to cut a pinion pine. The tree is decorated

with sagebrush garlands and crepe paper bells, colorful

candy, nuts and fruit… some towns aren’t so lucky, to live close

enough to cut a tree, in one of the towns they live, the tree

is called the ‘never green tree’ making one out of boards

nailed together, or some find the largest tumbleweed

decorating it with ribbons and bows… one of the nicest

things I think is there is so much good food to eat,

hot chocolate, candied apples, popcorn and cinnamon bread,

it was so nice, just for a little time, we didn’t have to worry

where our next meal would come from” ….

The Christmas Bells

“Then pealed the bells loud and deep”

The year I861 was a sad year for Henry Wadsworth


In the month of July, his wife, Fanny, who he dearly

Loved, had been sealing a keepsake lock of their

Daughter’s hair in wax, when a gust of wind blew

Through the window causing her dress to catch fire.

Longfellow severely burned his face and hands

Attempting to save her, but Fanny’s burns were so

Severe she died the next day.

In the year 1864 his son was injured in the Civil War.

Christmas of that year, in despair he wrote this

Famous carol –

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day”

And in despair I bowed my head,

“There is no peace on earth” I said,

“For hate is strong and mocks the

Song of peace on earth, good will

To men.”

He had good reason to question if

There would ever be peace for him.

But then this great poet wrote

These words of cheer –

“Then pealed the bells more loud

And deep

“God is not dead nor does He sleep,

The wrong shall fail, the right


With peace on earth, good will to


In this year of 2020, as Christmas

is nearing,

Little did we know of the despair

And loss we would be facing,

And perhaps in our questionings,

I might venture to say in humble words**


“I heard the bells on Christmas


How I yearned for peace to be

Where’re I look it seems so far

Struggles and doubt never cease

And as I bow on this dismal eve,

To me are only tears to weep”


“Then once more I heard the

Bells, loud and clear

Angels touching the earth

With harps of gold, bending

Near with songs of hope

God is still here, He does not sleep

Our grief will end, our pain removed

“Peace on earth, good will to men”

**But certainly not equal

Portions of this descriptive article on Longfellow
Is taken from ‘A Slice Of Infinity’ I Heard The Bells
By Betsy Childs

The forgotten Christmas tree

“Many are searching for that perfect tree”

The trend these last few years during the

Christmas season, has gone in a different direction.

Several decades ago, when artificial trees were

Introduced with their blinking lights and glittering

Tinsel, people adopted a substitute for the once

Meaningful tree we displayed in our homes.

This year with COVID 19 at the center of attention, it

Seems people are reaching out with more nurturing

Ways to express their celebrations. Colorful lights are

Seen earlier than the usual time of this festive season.

Hoping to brighten our lives midst the chaos and


And now, instead of reaching for that dusty box

In the attic, with its bent branches and superficial

Tinsel and gloss, more Christmas tree lots

Are frequented with holiday cheer and excitement,

Looking for that perfect tree, bringing it home to

Decorate with handmade ornaments, meaningful

With tradition…

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

Where have you been?

For your lovely boughs and branches

Of green

We have yearned

You who once graced our homes

Have been replaced with your charm

Your grace we have missed with your

Pleasant light

The scent of pine with its silvery fir

Lonely we have been for the advent


Its candles shining in the night

Oh, what joy you bring of love

And hope

Crowned with Bethlehem’s star

Guiding the Wisemen

Following its light bearing gifts

And on that midnight clear

The star upon your crown

Pointed forth the shepherds


In times like this, peace on earth

We surely need

With good will to all men

In waste our world lays, waiting

For the Promised One

In amazement we gaze

Earth’s ministering angels

Bend their arms to lift those

Plagued with illness and grief

And as onward we travel this

weary world

Beneath its crushing load

We look to the Savior to be born

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

Let us look upon that star you bear

And so we lift our songs of joy

In our homes we welcome you back!