Gifts Of Healing

“All Things Are ‘Inspired’ By Him”

Colossians 1:16

I started my poetry blog site just recently, but I have only
received a few recent views and likes and one follower. I have
visited some other poetry blogs to see what they are doing
to drive their audience to their sites, and find there is a
multitude of thousands of bloggers expressing their words,
sharing with the world as they see it.

Coming from parents of gambling and alcohol addictions that
created in me disturbing thought patterns and mental illness with
its challenging lifetime effects, I have had plenty of writing material
to reach out to others who can relate to this kind of upbringing
that effects so many of us.
I have written a series of books of my experiences and only by
the grace of God, how I was able to survive ongoing traumas
and abandonment issues.
I had never written before, and starting to express this journey
of pain and hurt, I feel it has been a gift of healing for me from
the very start.
People have been put in my life to do miracles beyond my
ability, to create websites, blog sites, ebooks and all the creative
elements necessary to embark upon a successful venture as this.

I have come to the place of knowing that only through an act of
God, will my words be viewed by others. There is a promise that says
“what God has started He will finish” and that is what I must cling

After writing on my life, I began writing on biblical characters,
gleaning from these stories of faith and courage they have brought
into my life. Simple poetic poems and prose, applying them to

our present day challenges we face daily.
Well, perhaps one of these days a visitor will drop by to view
my blog, but if not I will still just keep on blogging, that’s all
I know to do!

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