The Search

“Through wind, water and gale we will not give up”
    Together now, we are on a journey
    Vowing to find our Father,
    A sea we must pass and a desert
    With three rivers and a hill to
    Coming to the harbor, stepping
    On land, we continue our quest…

    The sun beats down as we trudge
    Along, grateful we are doing this

    A little water to drink,
     Laying down to sleep
    It is cold
     Even snakes and lizards crawl
    Into their holes…

    A sea and desert we have passed
    Now three rivers we forge
    But we will not give up,
    Through wind, water and gale
    We have searched…now only a

    Hill with a cross is left
    Lifting our arms to the heavens
    Angels do their bidding,
    “There  you will find your Father!”

  • Excerpts from the above poem
    ‘The Search

  • Read more at:

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