Romancing The Stone

“Then one day I felt buried beneath them”
  • ~This poem is based on a mental illness called
    One metaphoric definition is ‘Like a sharp
    Stone or stabbing pain in the shoe’

    ~~The stone in my shoe was small,
    Hardly noticeable at all,
    How it got there I did no know,

    Over time it grew and broke in two,
    Maybe if I got another pair of shoes
    That would do,

    Getting taller as I grew, my shoes got
    Tighter my feet began to fester,
    The smooth stone became sharper
    Causing pain,

    Through life the stone crumbled
    Into several stones building a wall,
    Each building upon another,

    Until the strain was just too much,
    In vain I tried to build this wall
    My brain kept telling me this
    Is enough but I refused the help
    That was offered,

    It had no foundation I had rejected
    the Cornerstone*
    Setting up my own system,

    I began to hate the stones I used
    And tried to remove them
    But the more I did they seemed to

    Then one day I felt buried beneath
    I had hidden behind this wall so
    Long I could not find a way out,
    I was trapped,

    The stones wrapping about me
    with my calloused hands and
    Broken heart,

    What would I ever do? When a
    Thought came to my mind,

    If it weren’t for the stone in all
    Its imperfection causing this
  • Duress that constantly happened,

    I would not become refined
    I would go through life thinking
    I was fine,

    But the stone in all its roughness
    Had through fire and flame been

    I then had to to romance it,
    It became a polished stone!

    A beautiful gem with a precious
     Cornerstone as a sure foundation,
    The prize of all my possessions!

    *Book of Isaiah Chapter 28:16
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