A Word Of Antiquity

“A night of visions and dreams were given,
And he was told to write these things on a scroll”

From the very beginning
Of time the Word existed,
Even before the world was

A beautiful garden was
Planted for His children,
In peace and joy as in

Then one day Eve wandered
From Adam

Resting in the tree, a Wiley
Serpent slithered to her side
And questioned

“Did He say you would die, if
Of the fruit you have eaten?”
“It surely is a lie, come eat,
And you will be as wise as I.”

And forgetting the words of
Caution she listened

In that very day they were
Banished, through Eden’s
Gates they were driven

And eating the dust, the
Evil serpent’s belly would

But God would put enmity
Between it and the woman
It’s head would be stricken
And the woman’s heel would
Be crushed

This was the first promise
Given to all His children who
Would trust

Never were we left without
A word to lead us, when we
Would question and wonder
The Apostle John, the
Beloved, a follower of the

Into a boiling cauldron of oil
He was thrust, but to his body
Came no harm

Many looking upon this
Miracle were saved as he
Was delivered from an early

And then an evil Emperor
Exiled John to the Isle of

A long day in a ship of
Castaways, bound with
Chains, he was cast in

A night of visions and dreams
Were given and there he was
Inspired to write the

“The Book Of Revelation”

An angel of light revealed
Prophecies and foretellings

And he was told to write these
Things on a scroll, and as he
Turned to see who spoke

Amongst seven lamps of gold,
One like the Son of Man was

And His face shone like the
Sun in full strength, and when
John saw Him he fell at His feet

The hair of His head was white
His eyes flashed as burnished
Brass, His voice was like the
Sound of rushing waters

In His right hand He held seven
John was commanded

“Write down what you have
Seen, of what is now and what
Hereafter will be.”

And so began this revelation,
To give strength and courage
To all generations and their

References from God’s Word

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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