A Birthday Wish

“I Have Always Wished The Best For You”

…It is my daughter’s birthday today,

She turns sixty two, I had her when

I was very young and then another

One thirteen months later.

I was a very dysfunctional mother,

Coming from a bad background,

But I loved my children very much

And desired to raise them differently

Than I.

Unfortunately I made mistakes which

I wish I could have done better.

My daughter has a difficult time with

Me (of which I understand since my

Mother was also difficult)

I find it very painful to

Receive rejection, maybe due to being

Rejected as a child, I had written this


What do I do with these two?

Four brown eyes staring at me

Little clenched fists,

I don’t think I can do this!

Alone with two in a mining town

At nineteen!

When will they ever be weaned?

Would I treat them like I was?

I sure hope not!

Determined to change the course

Of my life, so my babies would be

Spared their mother’s strife!

Not feeling like a nuisance and

Have a chance!

All the right things I tried, some

Were wrong, I wasn’t very


But things turned out all right!

They learned how to crawl, talk,

Walk and run, they did alright!

I hope someday she will see, I

Just wanted the best for all

Three of us!

Copyright (c)DN

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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