Remembrance Of A Mother

“I Became the mother and she the child”

I have posted the last couple of days on

A difficult relationship with a mother

And her daughter

I had written a poem, in retrospect, of my

Relationship with my mother

Who is this mother we have

Laid to rest?

Poor helpless soul who wandered

The earth, not knowing or caring

Where ever she was led

She took her child along for the

Journey, who at times did not

Know where she would lay her


With emotions held in and

Warned not to cry, always hoping she

Would be loved if things got


Now death has taken her mother

And she has gone to sleep, no

Longer tormented with emotions

So deep

Guilt and sorrow no longer

Hers to keep, removed

forever to rest in peace

But remember child, she did not

Have the tools to help you survive

She could not fulfill the role,

You became the mother and she

The child

Oh where do I look for this

Nurturing mother? Could it be,

That God is as much a

Mother as He is a Father to me?

I try to contemplate why two

People were brought together

To conceive a child, who seemed

Destined to live repressed by the

World in which she lived

And then a clearer picture I saw

As I wrestled with the ‘why’s

And ‘how’s’ of the mysteries

Beset on the journey of life

To each one at birth a tune

Is given, to which we should


To make music, it was not given

To us by chance

Dancing in circles, skipping in joy

Swirling and twirling with clapping

Hands, with cool damp grass

Between my feet

Dancing in the sun light, dancing in

The night, sometimes light music,

Sometimes dark

Know that the darkness will

Not Last, the melodies and


Will reappear just as they

Have in the past

Follow the Conductor, He writes

The notes, let the music

Composed by Him lead us

Through life!


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