Accepted And Forgiven

“Even as a young girl hoping to be a cheerleader, I felt rejection”

On my walk this morning I saw cheerleaders practicing on

The school football field. It brought back a memory of when

I was a young girl I tried out for cheerleading and wasn’t accepted.

It was just another rejection among many I felt.

Later on as a young adult I was converted to Christianity and

Due to faulty thinking on my part I wasn’t able to grasp the

Belief of my acceptance with God. It was like the feeling I had of

Trying out for a cheer leader and never feeling good enough.

I later on in life, unfortunately in midlife,I was diagnosed with

OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And even later I had a

Component of OCD, Scrupulosity. Over concern with religious

Issues, of not being good enough to be received by God.

And then a friend picked up a brochure called ‘Scrupulous

Anonymous’ and gave it to me. It was a great revelation and

Answered the reasons why I had so much concern with acceptance,

And all it’s engaging components, never feeling good enough

Or confessing enough, etc.

One of the articles in the monthly issue was so helpful I

Wanted to share it if anyone else has had these doubts and fears

Concerning their relationship with God

A reader shared this question

‘Why do I feel when I confess my sins, that they are never good

Enough. Inspite of all of my efforts I have no peace, the minute

I leave the prayer of forgiveness, I think of something I had


And I love the answer from the author of this newsletter!

‘You will never “out-detail” your scrupulosity…my best advice to you

Is to STOP!

Throw in the towel. Admit you cannot do this!

The task is impossible!

Instead practice accepting the mercy of God

Even in your incompleteness.

Instead of focusing on the prayer of forgiveness (of which

You have already been forgiven).

You have a serious disorder, you need the comfort that

Can be wrought from the prayer of anointing the sick.’

This is taken from the ‘Scrupulous Anonymous’


May 2020: which can be viewed on line or received

By mail monthly

Some words I changed, and due to the length of

This post, have been shortened

Read more at:

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