A pillar of salt

Number 20, completing an ongoing series
of the Story of Creation,
through the Flood and ending with the
call of Abraham ‘The Friend of God’

Nations were scattered across the earth
that day, continuing in their evil ways

A man called Abraham and his nephew Lot
heard God’s call, and with many herds and
flocks traveled to the desert where pasture
and grazing was not enough
One went to the right and one to the left and

Lot chose the plain with an evil city, pitching
his tents near Sodom and Gomorrah
with its flowing fountains and hanging gardens
Though Lot was selfish choosing the best, God
remembered him, sending angels of warning
to leave this city before fire and brimstone
rained upon all the living
“Surely there’s one righteous man” Lot pled
with his Lord that this city may be spared

But not one was found and the angels grieved
warning Lot and his wife to leave and not look
back, but she loved her home and all she had
and with one more glance looking back, she
became a pillar of salt…

Through Abraham’s faithfulness, and refusal to
partake of this city’s iniquities, of all the land he
could see, God bequeathed to him and to all his

Seeking a Heavenly City

Hebrews 11:10

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