Bottles of Tears

Since the beginning of time, tears and sorrows have filled this world.
Different people grieve in different ways, but we all feel the same pangs
of death and sorrow it brings.

An ancient tradition in the East were the use of tear bottles

Mourners are called to weep, lifting up their cries
preparing for a burial as the custom was when someone dies.

She was just a child, suddenly becoming ill, all that they had
done had not made her well.

Anointing her with sweet scented oils, painting her cheeks
placing rings on her fingers and toes
a necklace of gold and bracelets of silver, wrapping
her in linen

A procession begins, mourners following close behind, weeping
tears in their bottles to place in the tomb of the child, in remembrance of the dead.

It is said when King David was in custody
of his enemies he wrote
“You have seen my tossing and turning through the night
collecting all my tears and preserving them in Your bottle”*

God is a tenderhearted Father to us, a God who
feels with us and weeps with us.

Exodus 3:7
He remembers our sorrows, as if He keeps each tear in a bottle!

*Psalm 56:8 The Living Bible

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