Where Can We Go?

Five days into a war that has gripped the attention
of the world, and still there is a lack of words to express
the heartfelt prayers and thoughts, as a greedy nation
has descended, invading a people of a peaceful land.
Only humble words can be offered, as we pray for rest
and peace, for this war to cease!

Where can we go, where You have not been there
Have we escaped from the One who traces our
where can we escape from the presence of our
“If we dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea”
and are cast into the depths of waters, if
our breath is taken from us, and the ropes of
death encompass us, even there the cords of
love bind us
“If we descend into the depths of hell”… we are
not left there. His eye is set upon us. If we
trudge into the “Valley of Sheol” descending
into the pit of fire with those who have gone to
sleep before us, though we must join the
dust of a crypt saved for us, He is by our side
For where can we escape from His Spirit?”
“If we say surly darkness will steal over us
for darkness is no longer darkness for Him
and night is as luminous as day!”
For as surly as the sun rises in the eastern sky,
the Son of God will appear, and all suffering
and war will forever disappear!

(“)Quotes are from The Book of Psalm 139

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