Good morning on this fourth day of Holy Week, also called the Passion Week!


Its been just short of two decades ago, at Easter time, when one
of the most questionable movies was released that stunned
the world with violent scenes of brutality and graphic images.

‘The Passion Of The Christ’ was witnessed by many in horror
at the cruelty toward an innocent Man, depicting the last twelve
hours of His life, tortured and crucified. What was the reason
for a Man to be beaten and presented as a spectacle to the
Many were perplexed and wondered why? Had the producers
forgotten to include that Christ’s love for us took Him to the
cross, bearing the suffering and pain that we may be saved?

After two exhausting days in Jerusalem,
this day was spent in rest at Bethany in
anticipation of the Passover. Little did
His disciples know of the tragic events
soon to take place in the next few days!

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