Clock on the mantel

Many a night I lay awake waiting for her to come home,
constantly looking at the clock, with frightening sounds
from the terror of night, as if death was about to take me!

A gust of wind came through the window!

The clock on the mantel struck
half past ten, the hour to retire
for most women and men.
I listened to the clock, heard a
knock on the door, I looked, no
one was there.
Half past two, still awake with
nothing to do.
Half past four I fell asleep,
forgetting the mother I had expected,
to come through the door.
A gust of wind blew through the window,
death came in with a shroud on his face.
He came to take me, not yet was my plea,
I have more to do, much to undo.
Death agreed to let me stay, gathering
his cloak and went on his way.
Suddenly I awoke, knowing this was just
a dream!
The reality of this dream was positive,
in that though death was upon me,
and had come to take me
I refused to go, knowing I needed time to
finish what God had planned for me
to accomplish.

There was a man centuries ago that
experienced similar night time

Job expressed in his words
“In disquieting thoughts from the
vision of the night, when deep sleep
falls on men”
Job 4:1

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