Good morning on this Halloween day . . .

A day of celebration in many countries!
It’s observance celebrated in different ways

Some having fun dressing in costumes

spooky and scary apparel signifying ghosts and goblins, devils and demons.

But to some of us dealing with the disguise of demons plaguing our minds, it is anything but fun, difficult and painful.
We can relate to a man that had many mental demons of his own!

It was a mystical happening for

A man troubled with fears and


Growing up in a medieval era

In a German village

Centuries ago

Under fear of a vengeful god who didn’t


A strict mother burdened with children

A father bent on his

Son’s success, sending him to Erfurt

A school of learning

A ‘ tender conscious’ plagued his


Fear of a lost soul forgotten

He left his home

A bolt of lightning threatened

His life

On bended knees he knelt

Promising God he would become

A monk

Viewing his cry for help, a vow he

Could never break, he sold all his


From all he had known removed

His father refusing to speak

The very next day

Committing his life in confession

And prayer

Through indulgences and fasting

Long pilgrimages

Blood stained feet

From stairway penance

Each step seeking mercy and grace that he

Would be saved

But no matter what he did it was

Never enough

Wrestling into the night

For the terror he bore

Sending him into a round

Of unending works to appease a

God he could not find

But a loving God was by his side

To reveal a holy truth

That would release him from


To declare to all, we are saved

By grace and nothing else


‘The Tower Experience’

Reading the scriptures looking for


On a fateful day in a

Monastery tower, Martin Luther

Opened a book to the words

‘The Just Shall Live By Faith!”

And he said –

“I felt like the portals of light

Streamed from the heavens and

I had entered through the

Gates of paradise”

A fascinating monk of

Erroneous beliefs declared to

The world these words

Releasing all from fear and


Beginning “The Great Reformation”

On October 31, 2022 we celebrate

This monumental year over five

Hundred years ago

This is good news to all who

Struggle with a vengeful god

Those who have received a

‘Wounded conscious’ from

Unloving parents and homes


We are loved and saved by

A gracious God!

‘The just shall live by faith!”

*Book Of Romans Chapter 1 verse 17

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