It is the night before Christmas

after a busy day, the rush of guests have come and gone. Gifts are wrapped with ribbons and bows. The kitchen with gingerbread and spicy aroma, inviting our hopes that Santa will come by with his reindeer and sleigh!

Angels are rejoicing, the Savior has come, searching for those to join them in song. Hastening at the midnight hour, knocking on doors weary and tired!

“We are searching for one who will give us bread” An answer is heard “Do not trouble me, the door is now shut and my children are with me in bed” “It is too late, the bread in the oven not yet baked”

The day has been long with joy and laughter and too much to drink” Then turning his face, into slumber once more he falls asleep – while the angels weep!

Once again with a persistent knock “Please give us bread that we may eat” And because of their persistence he rises, gathering a few crumbs, stumbling to the door, promising a loaf with the rising of the sun!

I wonder do we do the same, neglecting the rappings on our heart strings? Until they become fainter and the angels grow weary, but always returning with hope we will listen, not just on Christmas day but always!

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