Oh that we might believe . . .

On the eighth day after the Resurrection

Even after beholding his Lord’s resurrection, doubting Thomas would not believe. Then on the eighth day his Lord appeared to his friends and Thomas believed. How many times we so aptly forget the wonders of His love and the gift of His Resurrection!

The following is a metaphor – when we are tempted to forget to believe!

A dove is preparing for her journey…

“Take me with you” I said
“For you have wings of rest and are
heavenly dressed
and I am weary, my burden is
heavy, seeking peace and tranquility”

Would the skies by bluer?
The birds sweeter?
The flowers brighter?

All that makes me long for something better!

We sped across the skies, the sunrise in its splendor

The sunset as it dies This far her wings have brought me Our flight to heaven’s gates ajar This surely is where I was meant to be For all is peace and rest My head bereft of thoughts of doubt No clouds to cover heaven’s light above And a voice speaks within “Why should I be at peace when those left behind are seeking peace as well?” For perhaps not all in the world has been in vain Some things are true For what is a mind without a thought? Even if it is one of doubt! In a God without a trust? Trust in Him I must! A bell without a ring? Or a bird that cannot sing! In all these things He brings to be! Though the longing in my heart to stay Though I wanted so badly here to go I must to earth return To help others along the way!

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