A Mother’s Day Prayer

“So The Fold Of Safety Will Always Be Open”
“For How Can A Mother Forget Her Lost Little Children”

It’s Mother’s Day again! That time

When mother’s are recognized and

accolades are merited by those

Who revere their mothers, for the

Legacy handed down from endearing


I often wonder what it would have

Been like to have been a part of

A loving atmosphere like that

The stores are tantalizing with their

Flamboyant cards and flowers, making

Even the most resentful feel guilty in not

Taking part

Special dinners with family gatherings

Pictures of smiling children,

But with some people it isn’t really

Like that. When I became a mother

I suddenly realized by no fault of mine

(I hope) it wasn’t easy to follow the trend

Of laughing and happiness with the

Mother of mine, shopping, makeup,

Hairdos and such, my mother was

Very difficult, neurotic and a little

Crazy, and I didn’t like her very much.

I dreaded Mother’s Day and holidays

For the trauma of being together, of

Accusations, fighting and general

Trauma, tears and fears that someone

Might find out how this difficult family

Really was

I was given children, and as I have said

Before, I dreaded the possibility that

My children would feel the same about

Me as I did her. Of the statement that

Said “What goes around comes around

And you reap what you sow” petrifying

Words to a mother who meant well.

Then there came the day when the

Doctor’s statement came “your mother

Has cancer” and then I was filled with

Shame and fear and did all I could to

Take care of her.

I was blessed with children, and as it

Would be easy to understand, they

Sometimes found it difficult to know

Where their mother came from…

Especially from loved ones I find it

Hard to receive rejection, but when

I put myself in their position it all

Seems fair. Some might say and I

Say it to myself, you have one child

Who cares, isn’t that enough?

But then I am reminded of a story I

Have heard, of a man who had many

Sheep and built a fortress for them to

Sleep, to protect from lions and


And after the gate was shut,

He went to sleep, awakening in the

Morning counting his sheep, and

Though there were ninety and nine,one

Was missing, he began his search

For his lost little lamb, and not until

He found him would he be happy and


I hope my children could remember the

Nights I tucked them in bed, praying

They would be saved from the enemy

Who likes to destroy family homes

So the fold of safety will always be

Open, how can a mother forget her lost

Little children?

Written by a mother who finds it

Difficult with emotions to write this,

To make sure of spelling and

Pronunciation, it all comes from the


Copyright (2020) DN

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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