“Her Mind Was A Million Miles A Way”

I remember as a child, and an adult,

when someone would

Talk to me, I could not concentrate on what

They were saying. It was as if I disengaged

From the person and surroundings. It was

Exhausting to be around other people and

I would isolate to avert any interaction with

Others. I don’t know if the person talking to

Me knew what was going on in my brain.

I think I became quite adept in not letting

Others know what I was thinking and the

Extreme stress I was experiencing.

(At least I hope so)


Pardon me for not

Listening to what

You say

For you see, my

Mind is on other


A million miles away

I don’t live in


There is a delay, a

Hesitation to


A filter in my brain

Goes round

And round

Repeating sounds

It pretends

To send

The message

But it is not quite sure

What to do

It was stolen long


Too young to

Understand and put

On hold!


One definition of distraction is

‘Something that takes your

Attention away from what you

Are suppose to be doing’


I would add ‘not able to live in

The moment’

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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