There are treasures everywhere…

They don’t always come with ribbons and bows

And sometimes we forget they are there…

“Perhaps a book on a shelf, we have forgotten?”

A couple things happened over the last weekend that I

Would like to share.

My doctor closed her practice, just a little over a year


I called to make an appointment with another and I

Was put on a six month waiting list.

When the appointment time came, COVID appeared.

No appointments were kept, so I just thought I would

White knuckle it, surely I could make it on my own!

Now just a little over a year later, I find things are creeping

Up in a rather excessive way.

Waking up with early morning chatter, which is often

There, but much more vocal.

Numbers running through my head, there again

Usually there, but as stress increases, they escalate.

Intrusive unwanted thoughts.

Over concern with religious cares.

And children I can do nothing about.

All symptoms of OCD.

Well once again I realize, maybe it is time to

Consider the fact, this is getting out of hand.

I began googling for help and I

Came across a guest speaker on a website.

As I listened to his name, Ian Osborne, a Christian

Psychiatrist, I remember I had his book ‘Can

Christianity Cure OCD” I had received a lot of

Help, but in my struggles for more answers I had

Put it on a shelf and forgotten it. The thrust of

His message was, ‘ this illness is too painful to

Bear alone, you need to reach out and ask for help.’

Well this was message number one!

The next day I went to church and the message was

Given ‘when things are too hard, you need to reach

Out and ask for help’

Well this was message number two!

So needless to say, Monday morning, I was on the

Phone searching for a list of providers. The list

Was long, and each one I called, had either a long

Waiting list or unable to accept my insurance.

But finally coming to a name next to the last, a very nice

Counseling service came to my aide (and with no waiting list).

Hopefully I’m on my way to recovery once again!

But I need to remember –

“There is no cure for this illness, but with God

It is manageable!

I Like the promise

“Ask, and it shall be given you, search and you

Will find…for everyone that asks, receives”

Book of Matthew Chapter 7 Verse 7-8

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