Another companion lost?

“If Two Lie Down Together They Will Keep Warm”

It seems when one thing breaks down,

Wouldn’t you know, something else decides

To too?

In my post on the traveling mattress,

I shared the story of the deflated mattress,

That I had to replace.

Well now the electric blanket has begun to

Give out.

I found myself waking up last night off and on,

With coldness, seeking warmth from the other


Thankfully that dual control was still working!

There is a verse that says

“If two lie down together they

Will keep warm, but how

Can one be warm alone?”**

Well, here again, will I have to

Give up another companion so


Replacing my warm blanket as well?

But mean while I will move to this

Side and we’ll see how

Long this one will last!_

**The Book Of Ecclesiastes

Chapter 4:11

A book of Wisdom

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