The Little Violet

“Violet! Sweet Violet! Your eyes are full of tears,
Are they wet, even yet, with the thought of other

James Russell Lowell

I really like flowers, I raise African violets, and find sometimes they
Can be challenging, and quite sassy.
They don’t like too much water, when they get soggy they are not
Very happy, too much sun, they get grumpy, but with a little love and
Care they can be content, and bring much cheer!

Snuggled in their beds
Watered and fed
Happy where they are
Dresses of pink, purple
And lavender with bright
Yellow eyes
This home is all they have
Sprouting from a seed, then
Leaves, buds and flowers

What a great life they have
Amongst all the others
One morning, perking their
Heads from a good nights
A shadow is descending
A large hand reaches over
And bending low, these
Pretty violets are lifted from
Their beds
Disturbed, wondering where
They are going
They are placed in a box
A little violet begins to

“My pot is the smallest
Surely you can squeeze me in
Please don’t leave me behind”
Quickly placing it in the box
With the others, then truck
Engines are rolling, they are
Scared as they travel down
The road, not sure where
They are going
The way seems long and they
Are tired
Suddenly the truck comes to
A stop

When the man lifts the box
Placing them on a shelf
Their eyes are startled, from
Darkness, into bright light
Their leaves are drooping, their
Flowers are dropping
They are not very pretty
As people are passing
The littlest one cries

“Our toes are cold and soggy
And we have caught a chill
Please, won’t you give us a
Chance and take us home
Before we die?”
“A time to heal is what we need
After our difficult ride”
A sprinkle of water, their heads
Begin to perk
And people start to look
“These violets are prettier than
I think I will buy them”
Shadows are passing, they
Are placed in a window

If not for their time of disaster
They would not be brighter
Filling this home with

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