love letters to daddy

Letter #6

“I am going to have to let you
go and say goodbye”

Well Daddy,

The ball has always been
in your court, you have
called the shots

You always seemed to be
the la-la man,
always having fun
tipping the bottle

on the poker table with
your friends
puffs of smoke curling
to the ceiling
You couldn’t even see me

why do I do this?
Give you free rent in my
just going through life
believing what you said

I thought you held the
keys, and if I just did

I would be alright
I did everything I knew
when I went to church
I always followed the

No rouge on my cheeks
no fringe upon my dress
my boots polished to a
lustrous shine
then maybe you I could

but you died too soon
leaving me with a picture

I don’t know the reason why
these things happened
but perhaps there is a purpose
and reason

if it can be helpful to others
that question why, like I,
then that makes it alright

so dear Daddy
I am going to have to let you
go and say goodbye
I’ll always love you and
I know you loved me too!

I have one more letter to
write, of One that completes
the picture of the one you
left behind!

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