The Prodigal Mother

“Reluctantly opening the door”

As she calls for her mother!

“If she had only been good, it is her fault mother left”

Addiction is a frightening thing, it can remove a mother and

Father’s presence from the child’s life. This dreaded disease

Runs rampant in our family. Today is the tenth year of my son’s

Death, taken in a cruel way. Thankfully I was spared from the

Devastation this illness can bring, and yet though substance

Abuse in a physical manner is absent, I struggle with an

Emotional attachment that is much more profound in many


To the point of being consumed with their illness, almost

Destroying me. With the recent news of of this ugly strike once

Again, of a loved one who has sunk to the delusion

That their pain can be lifted, I am once more with the question,

Will I be consumed with this one as well?

And yet, from a Power greater than myself, I am convicted
that the memories of a painful past, of my mother’s choosing
will be lifted, and I will not succumb to dwell in a harmful
state of mind, attempting to do something for someone else that
I am powerless to obtain!

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