A lost coin

“And with her candle lit, she searches
for her one lost coin”

For when it is found there will
be a celebration

I wonder how many of us will stoop down to
Pick up a penny? Or just ignore it, as
Not worth the effort!

In the East of ancient times, a coin was
Very valuable.


The houses of the poor
Usually consisted of but one room,
Often windowless and dark. The room
Was rarely swept and a piece of money
Falling on the floor would quickly be
Covered by dust and rubbish.

In order that it might be found, even in
The daytime, a candle must be lit and
The house must be swept diligently.

A wife’s marriage portion usually
Consisted of pieces of money which she
Carefully preserved as her most
Cherished possession, to be given to
Her daughters.

The loss of one of these coins would be
Considered as a serious calamity.
And its recovery would cause great
Rejoicing, in which the neighboring
Women would readily share.


The coin, though lying amongst dust and
rubbish is still a piece of silver, sought
because of its value.

In this parable, the lesson may be taught,
though a mother or father may have many
children safely abiding in their home, but
will not be content, until their search for
their lost child is found?

“And with her neighbors rejoicing”

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