Happy Birthday to our world!

September 25th – 27th, 2022

A Reflection of the celebration of the creation of our world!

Celebrating the Jewish New Year!

Of the creation of the world
and of Adam and Eve!

TEN GIFTS – spoken in the beginning of time – from
The Creator of LIGHT and LIFE!

May we reflect on our lives as well –

“For every good gift and every perfect
gift is from above. . . from the Father of
lights in whom there is neither shadow
nor turning” *

but where to begin is the question

It is not too late to look within, to do what
we have feared, but where to begin is the
Darkness is no darkness to Him
as we summon the world to remember
our things said and unsaid leaving us
But don’t give up – remember The One who
created our world speaks light to a
troubled mind!

*The Book of James 1:17

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