‘Beyond Blue’ – The month of September is suicide awareness month . . .

It is often hard to know what to say to someone that
has lost a loved one to suicide – and also to someone
who has attempted, but not completed it!

Reflections on Grief and Compassion for
this devastating loss

‘Beyond Blue‘ * is an organization specializing in mental health issues
and offers support regarding suicide
prevention services

After my lose of a loved one to suicide
I knew others meant well and cared, but had a lack of words to express their sympathy. Sometimes just to allow a person to be present and still with your grief is all that is needed!

My loss came shortly after I had made a life changing move to reach out
furthering my goals in life. I was turned upside-down and found
myself suddenly going in a different direction. I suffered blame for having
done this – if only I hadn’t left the situation and been present to help him, it
would have been alright. I had to move to a different location to seek
resources to support me in this loss. There are many resources available
just a few of many listed below –

Find A Support Group

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

The American Foundation for
Suicide Prevention
Lists US and International Support Groups
as a public service

*Beyond Blue – After a suicide loss providing
information to help manage grief and ways to
support someone

May each person dealing with this loss find
compassion and understanding

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