Resting Places

“The Laurel And The Poppies She Beholds”

There is an ancient Hebrew saying

“Faith is the confidence of things

Hoped for, the evidence of things

Not seen”

In my early conversion years I focused

On all the rules to keep, to be perfect in

All my ways, unless I might not reach the

Expectations of God and others.

To be lost was a terror I felt. It took

A long time for me to accept the idea

That perhaps this wasn’t true. Slowly

I began to let go of these expectations

(Though I still struggle with them)

The rules were like extra garments I wore

Encumbering my body. It has been a slow

Process. I don’t know if you can relate

And experience like me, slightly shedding

One piece of clothing at a time, like

Reaching for the door handle to be

With others and feeling just

A little lighter, a little naked, and checking

To make sure you are fully covered.

The serpent sheds its skin to allow for

Further growth, to remove any parasites

That may have attached to their old

Skin, often by creating a rip in their skin.

It doesn’t happen all at once!

Sometimes I wonder if we feel ripped and

Torn apart, by the lessons we have to

Learn to have new growth? Removing any

Erroneous ideas clinging to our minds.

Holding on to our old earthly garments?

The following is a poem with words

I have not fully reached, but by hope

One day, though not here.


Pressing on with hope, that

What I cannot see will one

Day come to be

In my youth I I had striven to

Excel in all things given

In after years I was slowly


All things in the past forgiven

Resting places have


The magic number seven opens

The door to heaven

A busy week of six, one day

Given for rest

That all may be blest

This is new to be here, I knew

Not I would rest here

Laurel and the rose with poppies

I behold

Before I had not the presence

Of mind to see the beauty

They hold

The briar and the thorn no longer


Giving way the pricks to one

Eternal thought, preexisting


Prone to share this heavenly


I seek one like I to ever press

On together.


I know how lonely our journey can

Feel, if there are others like me I

Would love to hear from you.


There is a saying

“Therefore encourage one another and build up one another”

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