Bottles Of Tears

“Where Flowers Bloom So Does Hope”

Last spring I noticed a very small plant that

Had been a volunteer from last year. It had

Come up through a tiny crack on the patio

Cement. I didn’t think much about it and

Just watered it along with the other plants.

“Just A Tiny Seed Grew Through A Crack In The Cement”

And then it began to grow and today it has

Blossomed into a very beautiful plant.

It made me think of the hope we have, though

Our lives have sprung through the cracks and

Crevices of our life experiences

Our seed laying dormant in the confined soil

Dependent upon our restricted environment

Unaware of our significance

Dependent upon a Source to nurture

And sustain us.

There is a tradition in biblical times

When those who suffered a loss

Of a loved one, weepers were hired to

Grieve with tears collected in bottles

“Our Tears Are Never Wasted”

When we suffer a loss, whether a loved

One or perhaps the trials we bear

Our sufferings are never wasted

Our tears are

Stored in God’s bottles and

He knows just when we need the

Sprinkling to moisten our loss

That we may grow stronger, our

Roots deeper, experiencing deliverance

And freedom from our confinement

To this earth’s worldly existence!

A short poem of different
Traditions in the loss of
Others –
Mourners are called to weep

Lifting up their cries

Preparing for a burial

As the custom was when

Someone dies

She was just a child

Suddenly becoming ill

All that they had done

Had not made her well

Washing her body with

Sweet scents,

Painting her cheeks

Darkening her eyes

Placing rings upon her

Fingers and toes

A necklace of gold and

Bracelets of silver

Then wrapping her in


A procession begins

The mourners following

Close behind weeping

Tears in their bottles

To place in the tomb of

The child…

“He keeps track of our sorrows,
He has collected our tears in
His bottles” Psalm 56:8

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