Ponderings and Promises

“For the promise is true…I will save your children”
As I began writing later in life, it seemed that many
tools I used to survive were revealed, and
some of the captivity of my mind slowly began to

But there was one that I found very difficult,
I was determined that my children would
not experience a childhood of disaster and
despair, and I firmly believed I was in
control of this.
One of the tools, letting go, was difficult.
I had to accept that they had
the choice of navigating through life’s
sorrows and struggles in their own way…
But I still claim the promise –
“Long after mothers are gone, their prayers
for their children still ascend before the throne of

“A Mother’s Prayer For Her Child Is Always Heard

This seventy years of
And counting,
Declared upon your
An Iliad of wars in
A milestone of
My journey has been
Long and laborious
This curse hard to bear
Many a day and night
I have been in despair
To your people was not the
Promise given to all those
Who listened?
Crying unto You, your
Face was not hidden
For You do not lie
Your grace is forgiving
‘Turn to me with all your
Heart and I will bless my
The burden of the switch
Will surely be lifted the
Sins upon the fathers
No longer visited
Have the dregs of the
Bottle been wasted
From copious amounts
Sparkling, swirling upon
The lips, stained with the
Flame of scarlet ribbons?
How smoothly and
Tantalizing it goes down
But a mockery to those
In its sorrows drowning
And I, am I any better?
From the bottle I have
But am I not much more
To blame?
Oh that I could taste of
The drunken vine

Sweet grapes of vintage


Fleeing from this world

Is what I sought
But this is not my chosen
Now seeking solace in
Thoughts and dreams
Charmed with the
Opiates of utopia
Wasting into dystopia
My heart in numbness

That my children might be
Bought with pinings
And bargainings
What sacrifice can I
Offer upon Your altar?
As Job of old after a night
Of feasting, morning
And evening, raising
His voice in prayer
His children would be
To Your promise I cling
With wailing, do not let
Their foot stray
Bring them back from
Their wayward ways
Oh you Wiley One
You shall not win
The victory over them
Has been won
For the promise is true
“I will contend with him
Who contends with them
And I will save your children.”*
*’Book of Isaiah ‘
Chapter 49:25 in God’s word

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