Dreams can often be

significant. They may be trying to tell us things we
are not aware of, or maybe memories hidden
that are searching for healing.

When I was a young girl I would often have
dreams of clocks, which can indicate the importance
of time, they can also symbolize the ticking of the
human heart, the amount of time left to live.


The clock on the mantel struck
half past ten, the hour to retire
for most women and men.
I listened to the clock, heard a
knock on the door, I looked, no
one was there.
Half past two, still awake with
nothing to do.
Half past four I fell asleep,
forgetting the mother I had expected,
to come through the door.
A gust of wind blew through the window,
death came in with a shroud on its face.
He came to take me, not yet was my plea,
I have more to do, much to undo.
Death agreed to let me stay, He gathered
his cloak and went on his way.
Suddenly I awoke, knowing this was just
a dream!

This may seem foreboding and difficult to
understand, but many a night I waited for
her to come home, as I watched the clock,
feeling as death was upon me.

The reality of this dream was positive,
in that though death was upon me,
and he came to take me.

I refused to go, knowing I needed time to
finish what God had planned for me
to accomplish.

There was a man centuries ago that
experienced similar night time

Job expressed in his words
“In disquieting thoughts from the
vision of the night, when deep sleep
falls on men”
Job 4:1

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